Welcome to City Farms online!

New and returning users to Baltimore City's City Farms program will be able to use this site to reserve and renew their city farms plots for the upcoming season, here's how:

  1.  Click here to start the reservation process.
    • Create a new account if you do not already have a Baltimore City Recreation and Parks RecPro account.
  2. Select which family member will be the point of contact for the city farms' garden bed(s).
  3. For Use Type select "City Farm."
  4. For event description please write city farm/last name, e.g., Carroll/Last name.
  5. Please indicate in Request Note if you are requesting the same garden bed from last year or a new bed.
  6. Select the city farm garden bed that you are requesting.
    • Make sure the "Room" option is selected.
    • Select the City Farm location from the facilities drop down list.
    • Select the plot number from the rooms drop down list.
    • include the number of people who will be using the garden bed in your head count.
  7. Select the duration of the city farm season you will be using.  If you are making the request after 2/16/2018, sue the current date for start and end period.
    • Select the start date of 2/15/2019. 
    • Select the end date of 2/15/2019.
    • Make sure the option for Single Day is selected.
  8. Select either new gardener or returning gardener, make sure one of the boxes is checked.
  9. Review the request information, click add to request if everything is correct.
  10. If you are requesting multiple city farm garden beds, click "Add package or room to rental" underneath the edit rental header.
  11. Once all city farm garden bed(s) have been added to the request, click "Submit for Approval."
    • You will receive an email notification that the request has been sent to the City Farms coordinator.
    • The City Farms coordinator will approve, make adjustments, or reject the city farms request.
      • During this process, the one-time additional fee will be added for new gardeners.
  12. If your request is approved you will receive the City Farms program agreement and an invoice for the program which can be paid online with either a credit or debit card.